A New Set of Rules

When young adults move back home with their parents, they have already experienced a taste of freedom it will be hard to give up. Their parents might try to make them follow the same rules they had before they left home, but they will find their children less likely to be amenable to them. A new set of rules could be in order for the household to remain peaceful, so it would be a good idea for the child and their parents to sit down and carve them out.

Few parents want to think of their children being intimate with another person, and this is often the basis of the difficulties between them. While their child lived away from home, they could ignore whatever was going on in their social life. Moving back into the family home brings that issue into stark focus for parents and child, so it should be addressed before it can cause a rift between them.

Living as an adult can be difficult, but the reward of freedom from parental supervision is one of the most difficult things to give up at any time. When a young person is forced to move back in with their parents for any reason, they might not necessarily feel they should have to relinquish their adult status. Coming to an agreement with their family is the adult way to settle the issue, so speaking with their parents in an adult manner is the only way to achieve their personal goals in this area.

Dating is a part of being a young adult, and some of them believe that being physically intimate is their right. While they lived on their own, it was acceptable because they could make their own rules. Many have found they chafe at the restrictions of their parents in this part of their life when they move back home, but following their parents rules is expected.