A Single Parent

There are times when the roles of life become reversed, and it can be difficult for the family members involved. Divorce or death can strike at any time, but it becomes even more distressing when a single parent must suddenly move in with one of the children. It could be that the partner who left or passed away was the main breadwinner, and the remaining partner has no idea how to earn a supporting wage. They will need the support of their family, but moving in with their own child might be a more enlightening adventure than they could have foreseen.

The circumstances that force a parent to move in with one of their children are often dire, but it does not mean they will be resented. It could be an opportunity for both parties to grow closer, and they might even find their child’s spouse is the most welcoming of the pair. They should understand their presence will have an effect on the relationship between the partners already in the home, and care should be taken to do as little damage to it as possible.

Being torn in two by loved ones is always a struggle for those who have married someone their parents do not like, and it can become a major issue when a parent arrives on the doorstep. They will need to understand the house where they will be staying is not their home, and they will have to abide by the decisions of their child and in-law.

Few people find they can move in with an adult child without repercussions, but adjustments can be made to make everyone comfortable within the house. For those forced to rely on this type of support, learning to stay out of spousal arguments could help. They will also need to remember that discretion will suit them well.