Single and Moving Home


Parents at the Door

Moving away from home is something many singles dream of, and it can be a blessing when they finally reach that reality. They can eat what they want, stay up late, and their biggest responsibility is often to show up at work on time. A career might be their goal, or they could just want to have a relationship without their parents constantly pushing for commitment and marriage. It can come as a huge shock when they find their parents at the door with a need for a place to stay.

There are many reasons parents could suddenly show up, and they can vary from economic disaster to a medical emergency. Their parents might have a business that failed, or one of them could need to be in the local hospital for cancer treatments. A good child is not going to turn their parents away at that time, but they do need to consider their adult relationships in the light of their new roommates.

Explaining the situation to a partner might be a bit tricky, but it can also tell a person if their relationship is a viable one. If the person they have been seeing refuses to make a good adjustment, it might be time to end the relationship. Those who are welcoming of their parents and willing to help are those who might weather the storms of a lifetime partnership. The person who has had their parents move in will need to exhibit some patience, but it should not take too long to figure out which way their relationship is going to go.

Parents in this situation might feel guilty for interrupting the life and relationship of their child, but it might be something they could not avoid. If their child is more than willing to have them move in, the person they are seeing should be able to accept it too.