Single and Moving Home


Taking Over the Family Business

Families in many areas own small or medium sized businesses, and they often expect to hand them down to their children when they are ready to retire. Rebellion against this idea has been a staple in many areas, and their children will do their best to move out to another area of the country to avoid being stuck at home. It might work out quite well for those who have a solid career, but others will find that life on their own is not quite as perfect as they thought.

It might seem a horrible idea to move home and take over the family business, but it has happened many times over the centuries. Most children do grow up to have another career as they must wait for their parents to retire, but others are groomed from birth to be a part of it all. Those who do plan on an alternative career often leave as soon as they are able to explore the wide world, and they often find the love of their life before they feel the need to return home.

Part of what they are seeking when they leave is someone compatible that they never found at home, and dating is a large part of their experience before they return. Those who are lucky will find someone to marry and bring home with them, but there will be people who return home single and lonely. They might have changed their minds about what type of spouse they want, and the person they will eventually marry has been patiently waiting for them back home.

It is not always easy to return home as a single person after going out into the world, but there are some good reasons to do it. The family business is often an important part of who a person is when they leave, so getting completely away from it might be impossible. The lucky ones are those who find someone willing to consider leaving their home to marry and raise a family with the one who will return.